Guys, Do all guys want a "State of the Union Address" after every date?

I was seeing a guy who clearly didn't have a lot of experience dating, though he did boast of having a lot of sexual partners. We'd get together, go out and have a great time, then have a few romantic hours. A few minutes before he was ready to go home, he'd sit with me and run through a sort of relationship checklist, which put a damper on the nice time we'd just had.

One day, after several months of his doing this, I asked why he always does this at the end of our date. "Girls like to know the status of the relationship." he said. "Yes, but not like this, like a checklist at the end of a date." I explained that no one really does this in such a cold, formulaic manner.

He asked me what he should do instead, since he likes to know the status of the relationship. I offered that we should do a relationship shakedown when he comes through the door to pick me up, then kiss and head out to whatever it is we're meant to go do. (I was only half joking when I said it.)

Do all guys secretly make a checklist at the end of every date? It seems so different from what girls feel and experience...


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  • No, that's extremely bizarre. Dude's got issues. :)


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  • No, that's kind of fucked up. I've never heard of anyone doing this before. It sounds like insecurity on his part.

    • Yes, I did think it was a little weird. He was older than me and I haven't dated much at all, so I wasn't sure if I just hadn't seen this before or if he was strange.

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