Is online dating worth it? Specifically OKC?

I think I met someone decent but cannot be too sure. It feels right in my gut but for the past two weeks we've been speaking on a daily basis, he's mentioned his ex twice. Is this a bad sign?

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  • No because its easier to come up with sincere word online than in person. I would rather talk online for maybe three days go out once and go from there maybe a yes or not from that point


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  • At first I thought it was lame and boring , but for my first experience it went well.
    We spoke for a few months , He always wanted to meet but I didn't , I knew I wasn't gonna feel comfortable. Once we met , things turned out very well , on the same day he asked me out. We've been together for a year :)

    • Was he your first? How old are you?

    • First meet up or first boyfriend? If its first boyfriend , no. He's not. But he was the first guy I've actually met online , in person. And I'm 20 .

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  • Don't do it, just don't!

  • It can work. I met my wife that way. Just be careful.


What Girls Said 1

  • My boyfriend and I met on okc. We live In the same area which made it a tonne easier. We have been fasting for about 6 months now. You just need to be careful who you meet.

    • Give me some warning signs please. I feel we plan on meeting in a public area which is okay. A restaurant and mall after preferably.

    • I made my boyfriend wait a couple weeks till we met. So we got to know each other over text and then we met in a public place.

    • Yeah this will be our 2nd-3rd week speaking to one another.