How come you can tell someone you don't like the truth but not someone you do?

Ok can't speak for everyone but like when I'm not really feeling a girl I can tell them exactly what I want or if I like a girl and wanna talk to her and wouldn't mind if we connect and lead to a relationship I can be straight direct with how I feel.. But if I get a crush it's not like I don't know how to talk to them or anything but like I've only had two real legit crushes one crush we talked and I screwed it up. But this girl I've liked her since forever and I can't talk about anything other than small talk when I text her I have no clue how to spark up a sensual conversation. Like I'm not trying for nudes or anything right night but like every other girl I kinda know how to bring up sex but with her I just can't do it I have no clue how talk about it with her because that can give me a better idea if she's likes me and I have no clue well I do but it's seem awkward to do


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  • The truth is often harsh and disturbing. I never want people to tell me I'm a skinny guy with love handles.

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