Should I ask him for a relationship?

So, the boy I had a crush on has recently admitted further that he has a physical attraction towards me and there's this whole deal about him wanting to playing 7 minutes in heaven with me. He sounds very serious about his attraction to me, and since I've had a crush on him for ages it's mutual.

However, last night I asked him if it was only a physical attraction he had towards me, he said that at the moment he's not looking for an emotional relationship; I asked him if he thought that would ever change and he says he doesn't know. However, he seems to know I want a relationship and he didn't seem against the idea.

But the only problem is that I'm not good with these casual things, I like relationships, but I want to have a proper relationship with him, so I don't want to tell him no.
And although I have feelings with him I feel a bit upset that so far it's only a sexual attraction but also the fact that I might not be the only one he's like this with... his ex still has feelings for him and he's pretty close to her... but I don't know if I should ask him that because of the kind of situation we're in.

I want to stay with him like this in hope of ending up in a real relationship, should I?


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  • No please spare the poor guy...


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