Does she really like me... or should I be worried?

I've been seeing this woman for about a month now, and we're both in our early 30s. We met online, and things have seemed to go well. We've gone on many dates, and things seem to be going well. She just got out of a bad relationship so she has wanted to take it slowly, which is fine, and when we went out Valentine's Day everything went really well and she even had a freudian slip and called me her boyfriend, but she has also said to give her another month or so before she's really ready to make that official.

The thing is, lately she's gone back onto the dating site where we met. She also made a comment recently when talking about one of her friends that "... that's the risk you run when you date someone, that you fall for them and they meet someone else and tell you to f off." Her friends seem to like me, and have even added me on facebook, but one or two of them have randomly blocked me in the last couple of days. We text, and talk on the phone and she doesn't usually seem to ignore me, but it has happened before. When we're together she seems to be into it, but when we're apart she's very hot and cold and I'm never sure which one I'll get. It seems like she used to pursue me a lot more than she does currently.

The other night she had invited me to a jam night at a bar very close to my house, but then told me it wasn't going to happen and then I saw facebook posts showing her having a good time there anyway. She also has talked about one or two other dudes that want to date her and one of her friends when she first met me asked me if I was one of those other dudes, which was awkward.

She's affectionate still whenever we're together and we seem to get along pretty well, and we usually have a good time whenever we go out, and to be quite honest I'm beginning to fall for her...

Should I be preparing myself for a letdown? Or does she seem fairly serious? This is my first time in the dating scene in several years.

The only reason I'm so paranoid is that my last relationship of several years ended with her randomly running off with another dude and me with a broken heart. If she's donning her life jacket to jump ship I'd rather call it off first rather than get farther along down the road and get blindsided again


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  • Sadly it sounds like she isn't as serious about you as you her. Have a talk with her and if she doesn't give you a clear answer or she seems not to excited then just let her go. She should be mature enough not to play games.

    • I'm thinking you might be right, though I don't want to believe it. Sad thing is I called it off with another girl only very recently in favour of her... now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have kept my options open...

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  • Just be friends, doesn't sounds like she wants something with you.