I need some advise please?

So I've been talking to a guy for over a year now. Long story short... With my detective skills lol I've caught him commenting a random girls pic before with kissy, heart eyes and heart shaped emojis. I confronted him about it and he says its nothing, this and that. He says thats how he shows love to his friends. In my opinion that isn't cooool, he definitely wouldn't like me showing love like that to my friends that are the opposite sex. I approached the girl with the situation as well, nothing catty or anything but i just honestly wanted to find out the truth. She told me he was trying be more than friendly with her... I believe her. I again confronted him with this as well, he denied it callin her crazy. I then started avoiding him because obviously he didn't want to own up to the crap he was doing. He kep txting and calling me nonstop. Making me seem like i was the one that fucked up. And i was the one making the situation more than what it was. I was officially done! He begged for closure, i didn't want to be rude and leave it on bad terms so i answered and decided to give him closure. He ended up twisting everything up and saying he only said that to make me talk to him... I know im honestly a foool to fall for the dumbest trick in the book. So we gradually started talking again, he says he never cheated when honestly in my eyes that was more than enough to consider cheating. For valentines day he invited me over, didn't get me anything... Im never one to expect anything from anyone but i mean... He says he LOVES me but doesn't even try to make me feel special at all... not even a simple gesture. I even told him that he couldve picked a flower from his backyard and given it to me id appreciate it with my soul... Nothing. The next day he txts me good morning as usual but disappears for the whole day. I understand completely when people are busy because im busy as well but if you care as much as you say you do, a simple call or text to tell me you

you're busy wouldn't hurt right? Im way too prideful to text him and ask him where he's at... Especially when i do not want to show him how weak i am when i do care. Deep down inside i know this isn't worth it... But maybe i need to hear it from a stranger instead. So what do you think?


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  • HI im stranger

    There are several options you can go with.

    A. Because you think he's cheating on you and doesn't make you special, treat him like a friend and start over again if he does want to be with you again.

    B. Believe the first story he told you where its just showing friendly, If you both truly love each other that is. Its about taking one step back for each other.

    C. You Know he's lying and you Have solid evidence to back it up. Its not really worth it and he's just doing all these so you love him more than he loves you.

    D. Your own way.


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  • These are the Sure signs, @Miiirp of a Player and a Slayer at his Best from the Rest.
    With his Hymning and Hawing, his Disappearance Acts and No Yaks, and his 'He says he LOVES me' don't buy it. He is Not ready for a Real Relationship and doesn't want one, he wants to have His cake with any cutie and leave you on his Side dish as A... Wish.
    You are this Apple way at the top of the apple tree, Hardest to Get and Grab and Eat. He finds you a Chase, a Challenge with your Own 'Im way too prideful' actions and if he had you Today... Tomorrow back to 'Random girls' and Any Pick for this Dick.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, you're right... Because now that im showing a little ounce of affection he disappears...

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    • Np! 😊 I appreciate it.

      I actually do not want to be hard to get once again with him because i no longer want him to chase me... Is it wrong for me to hope he never talks to me again so i can leave without feeling bad?

    • Good for you, I Say that you feel this way. Just Ignore him then and he will finally buzz off to other honies. xxoo

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  • Yeah, you seem like you know what the situation is. Why would you give in to the guy? You know he was lying about the other girl. Is it really just an ego thing where you think you can make him be different and that you can make him think you are the only one? That tends to be the case when a girl keeps going back to a player. In the end, it's not really even his fault because you keep going back to him.

    • you're right. I do know what the situation is but its really has nothing to do with my ego. I do not want to make him be different. If this is the way he is then this is the way he is. All he has to do is own up to it. And im not blaming him for being a player and reeeling me in once again, its my own fault for not taking the next step and just blocking his phone number so he won't contact me ever again.

    • Well, I mean if you are cool with cheating then by all means stay with the guy. Because that is what it's going to amount to.

    • No ones ever cool with cheating... But thank you for your opinion.

  • Technically, he didn't cheat, because you're just talking. But emotionally, he's cheated and lied, because he doesn't love you, he just wants another girl in his pocket, like how has all those other girls he's talking to.

    • You are correct. He is the one saying he didn't cheat like we are in a relationship so its not saying he's cheating, he's saying it himself. All im saying is that he isn't talkin to only me, and he just won't own up to it.

  • You sound insane.


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  • "Long story short" that's funny.

    Talking with a guy doesn't mean you are in a relationship so there's no way to construe anything he does as cheating. What does "talking with a guy" even mean? Are you 12? If you never expect anything from anyone, why are you so upset he didn't get you anything? What did you get him for Valentine's Day? He texted you good morning but what obligation is there to continue texting you or check in to tell you what he's doing? It doesn't seem as though he ignored your texts because as you say, you're too prideful to text him. You seem way immature for a 26yo woman.

  • I've actually had the same experience as you. Me and this guy were talking for a year. I was head over heels in love with him and supposeably he was to , we would say I love you , but he would never show it. it was like I was in a relationship , but I wasn't. he "liked me " but he still wanted to talk to other girls. Guys like that ain't no good , they just break your heart and waste your time.

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