My friends with benefits like likes me?

Ok so let me cut this short and give you the basic info:

- seeing each other for just over a year now (twice a week with sleepovers)
- talk pretty much every day (every second on occasion// talk on the phone up to an hour most calls)
- we've met each other's families and friends (he lives out of home, I don't)
- amazing sex
- we go out for dinner, movies, sporting matches and events
- he asked me "to be his Valentine ❤️😉"
- we've both admitted that we can be 100% ourselves around each other
- I said yes then Sunday we went to a beach party and danced together closely, laughed, kissed and had a few drinks.
- for Christmas he got me a little miss magic plush toy

do you this he likes me from this info? What do you think? Yes no, why/ why not?

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  • Most definitely feelings there, sounds great relationship
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  • No way, this is standard.
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  • Sounds like it's evolved into a relationship all on its own


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  • Forget him... I think you like him


What Girls Said 1

  • friends with benefits can be weird because even when they bring you gifts it's after the friends with benefits status was established, so one person is feeling stuff while the other is possibly not.

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