If your situation is like mine with someone you love, is it even worth it anymore?

We broke up in October 2014 and have been on and off since then. Those "on" periods usually last only up to a month. So let me break it down for all of you. In January 2015, we started talking again, we were still playful with each other and clearly the feelings were still there and intense After a month he said he'd rather remain friends, but said that I mean a lot to him. I distanced myself from him cause it hurt and we had a huge argument later. In April we both apologized for our previous argument he tried to approach me but I decided to try to move on because I was afraid that it's gonna end up with him saying "let's just stay friends" again. Plus, then i started liking another guy while he goes around with girls. I avoided him cause again i didn't want to get hurt and he got angry at me for that, for not responding to him and such. After that in October 2015 we rekindled but didn't get in a relationship. Things went okay until one point he started distancing himself saying that things felt different. He said he wasn't sure of his feelings. Confused. I asked if I was that bad for him to do this every single time, he said no. Recently in December, we started talking again. I had a positive mindset all throughout this period even of him. Only up till one day we had a little understanding and he opened up to me saying that there are times he admits he wants to cut of ALL contacts with me and move on with life cause it's too hard and told me not to get offended. Then proceeded to telling me he started having feelings for someone else. I admitted my feelings about everything he read but didn't say anything.

Here I am, just wondering if things are even worth it to fight for anymore. It hurts thinking of how he can say that, never really cleared shit but hurts me. My friends are saying "it seems that you both haven't moved on from each other eventhough you admit you do. But you both are trying.


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  • in my opinion you need to make a clean brake and move on with your life. as long as you are both in each others life this will not happen and you both will be miserable

    • yeah, the feelings go back and forth.

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  • You should block him completely from your phone, media and life. He will keep playing you this way till you die and destroy your chances of forming real relationships.

    • He still doesn't see having a commitment with me anymore?

    • Who cares? He is playing you. If you like being a victim of games, you can keep letting him do this to you. If you value yourself, block and move on.

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