He is too confusing for me?

I am talking to this guy for more than six months. We met with a matrimonial site. We fight a lot on different issues and then we forget everything thing. we had a record that we can't talk sweet to each other for more then a week I personally felts , he get insecure that he is falling for me. So, asked him saying tell me about this why you get insecure and be sure I don't expect anything such until and unless you and me find it working for us. Then he told about his ex - girlfriend. And how girls family pressure has broked everything. So I asked him has he moved on with that relationship. He said yes.. but situations still continues he force fight between us or if that doesn't happen start avoiding and when I stop talking to him then he again does something sweet and we made up again... So, its very confusing and not taking relationship anywhere. What I should do... I like him a lot.


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  • It is exact life. It is the fight which occur in between a family. So don't worry about it. Make that as your hubby. Your life will peaceful & prosperous.


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