Am I the only person starting to feel bitter?

So I am not an unattractive person, I know you are thinking I am probably fat and ugly or a horrible person and I am none of these...

I am getting a little fed up of life, that I am alone and people are settling down ad getting married and now I am left on the shelf in my 30s with all the decent guys taken. I am finding another issue now; a guy my age who is looking to settle is looking at girls who are 25 so I am actually now officially past it.

I am 32 and I would like to meet someone and have children which is looking more and more unlikely all the time. I am starting to feel bitter towards the people who are happy on my facebook etc... how can I stop? I have lost faith and confidence... I just feel like a waste of space. How can I change this?


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  • Have you tried a dating site? Women have so much power and leverage that it's not even funny. You can cater your preferences to the type of men that you're looking for. If you see a man that catches your eye, don't hesitate to send him a message.

    Regarding Facebook, I know what you're going through. It's like each day I log on, someone is getting engaged or having kids. It can be depressing, but you can't compare your life to theirs. I know you feel like a failure but you can't look at it that way.

    • my last 3 failed LTRs were from dating sites :(

    • Oh, my. I'm sorry to hear that. Don't give up just yet. I wish you well.

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  • Try dating guys in their 40s, BUT only the ones who want to get married not the bitter divorced serial daters.

    • none of those either who are not even more messed up than me :(

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    • Where I live I mean... its not the biggest place.

    • No. But the internet is huge.

  • I'm sure there are tones of younger guys who will date you. The only problem is settling down. Guys in there 20's don't realy want to get married so you could date maybe guys a little older 35+. Just remember you only need to meet one guy who well make you happy.

  • I'll give you the answer that girls give guys saying the same sort of thing.
    It's your fault. Woman up. Don't blame the fucked up dating world where men's priorities are way out of whack. Woman up.

    • wow. I have no problem meeting a guy, just the right sort.

    • there, go against all women, that will make it better

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