Does he want me to talk to him?

Does he want me to talk to him? So there's this small coffee shop that i go to and it's connected to this small cafe/kitchen. So once I was sitting down and I look up and see a guy staring at me who works in the cafe/kitchen. I was facing his sideview but his face was turned and looking at me and smiling while he was answering a phone call. His eyebrows were slightly raised. I came back a few weeks later to grab a coffee to-go. While I was waiting, I look up again and i see him talking to someone, but his entire body is facing me, he's smiling even bigger, and his eyebrows were raised even more. So my friend and I went a week after. When we were about to walk in, I saw him talking on his phone near the window. When he saw me, he smiled really big and his face lit up. So he works at the cafe/kitchen and those workers usually dont work the register at the cofee shop. When my friend was in line to buy a drink, he got off his phone quickly and ran to the register to ring her up. When we were sitting down, he kept staring at me. Like everywhere he walked he kept looking at me. When his shift ended, he looked at me one last time before he left. Today I went again and sat down to study for a few hours. It was busy there and he was walking around a lot. When I was ordering my drink, he came by to help the lady behind me and he stood in front of me and leaned forward but didn't say anything bc I was talking to the person making my drink.


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