Did my guy friend like have the hots for me or was he just being nice?

So back in September of last year I noticed my guy friend who I secretly have a huge crush on. Which I'm kinda believing he does also. He'd always trying to talk to me a lot more then he use to. He's always slip into my snapchats a lot more then usual. I noticed him trying to talk to me when he'd have a free moment to him self. This went out until November. Then he started asking the question and telling me he wanted to date someone. He never talks about liking other girls. The problem is I never knew how to tell him. He's really the only guy who would stay up with me until 4am snapchatting me randomness. Even if he was at the bar he'd always do so even when at home. he'd snapchat me until 1 or something because he'd have to work the next day. Then he started the flirting a lot and he'd always tell me. I'm a tease. After that he started teasing me sexually. Which I'm not going to lie I liked it a lot. Even well after that he'd send me pictures of himself in his boxers, sometimes with his pants sagging, sometimes with no shirt on. One time he even sent me a picture with nothing but a towel around him fresh outta the shower. I'm not going to lie I liked that also. I just didn't know what to say to him. I still very much feel the same way about him. I'm just scared I'd ruin the friendship then I'll lose him forever. I don't know it's just the first time my crush has actually showed me interest like this. I'm stupid when it comes to dating shit. I just want to know based on what I've said did he have to hots for me? Probably wanted to date me?


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  • Date him!

    • He's not single anymore lol

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    • No, I'll just wait I don't think this relationship will last because he barely sees her she doesn't even live by us. I think there's still hope

    • But he really liked me huh seems that way?

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