Please help I need the most advice I can get. Does he seem sketchy?

I just started dating this guy 2 weeks ago. I met this guy in early January. I've seen him maybe 10-15 times. I really think he's likable. We had sex pretty early on. February 4th. It seemed to be going really good he would message me in depth convos. Not after everything it's been dying down. At Valentine's dinner he recently told me he said to his mom that I'm Jewish and they don't like Jewish religion. I told my mom and she obviously takes offense to that. He seems a little sketchy. He's very quiet. Not very talkative. He can't stay hard during sex has to take medicine. He left me at the hotel for an hour to let the dogs out wouldn't let me come over. I always have to text him. I do want him but my mom already doesn't like him. Help please.


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  • yes somthing does seem sketchy but i cannt tell exactly what it is.


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