How to date in this current day and age?

I have not dated in almost 20 years.. I went trough a divorce abut a year ago, and am now ready to get back out there. I am finding this new age with texting and online datng to be a bit confusing. It is much a much different feel rather than more of a personal face to face interaction. You can not tell if someone is really into you or not through emails and text messages. I have been trying to go with the flow. example: Met a guy a bit older than me.. Went out a handfull of times, kind of lost touch for a small time and now have reconnected. He seems to be very sexual in his text messages but much more reserved in person. And some days he is blowing up my messages and others I may not hear from him.. I do not want to be over egar, I do have my own life that keeps me busy. But is he looking for me to reach out first sometimes? or maybe he's just busy or not into me as much? Without mroe personal conversations it is hard to tell what vibe is being sent. Any insight on this new age dating would be fantastic. Hopefully I am on the right track.. Or maybe I just need to be taught how to do this today.. HELP! LOL!


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  • Sounds like he is married still. That's ok if it is ok with you.

    Here is the easy way to date: Set up a nice profile online. Let the contacts roll in. Filter out the weirdos, johns, and losers, then meet everyone else who passes that minimally high bar for coffee, lunch, or dinner.

    If the date goes on for more than two hours, then it is ok to have sex next. (Although, some of my dates have not lasted that long before we were in bed).

    • Thanks WalterRadio, he is not married, he has been divorced for 8 years. Noted on the online advise.

    • And ALWAYS meet in a public place the first time. You can judge a person pretty quickly in person, but until you actually see him, you have no idea who he is.

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  • All you have to do, is meet someone. Don't be shy and ask the person if they are single, married or just want friends with benefits. Tell them you'd like to get to know them better. Stay positive and just be you. Learn about them. If you find they would make a positive impact on all areas of your life, maybe you should get to know them more, and experience their adventurous side. Who knows, it seems like the person you speak of might not be serious enough. That's another thing, make sure you also know if they are seeking long-term, short-term or sexual relations. I hope this helps, and I hope you have the utmost luck in all of your endeavors.

    • Thank you, butterflyblackrose.

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