Why do I feel so angry at my ex?

I haven't spoken to my ex for almost a year now. He had an attitude with me and is quite stubborn, even though I tried reaching out to him more than once.

Last night, I started thinking about him in bed and felt really mad at him. But after a couple of minutes, I started crying, thinking to myself how much he had hurt me in the past and had been inconsiderate of my feelings.

Why do I hate my ex so much but then feel sad after some time? by the way I have tried moving on and dating others, but every time it fails I start thinking of my ex again.


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  • If he as your first serious 'other', it's normal to have a long period of missing them.


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  • That sounds very familiar. After 7 months not talking to my ex I still feel anger every once in a while when I think back of how he has been mistreating me.
    I think that dating other people would not help you to heal properly. You should cut him off, focus on yourself and try to improve yourself in whatever way you want. Find new interests and try to check up on him as less as you can.
    When I feel angry I also write a lot to let it out or talk about it with a friend. Don't try to suppress or deny your hatred because it would only be stronger if you do so. Instead, just accept it untill it fades away.

    Remain with people who make you feel good about yourself. Keep in mind that the way he has treated you does not mean anything about you, it is simply a statement about who he is as a person.

    Good luck x


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  • I don't stay in touch with exes. I think it's a great policy that works wonder for my own sanity.

  • Revenge is unforgettable pact
    Grab a gun and kill that bastard or even better try to ruin his life it will fuel your emotions.


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