Confusing guy help?

A guy who was on a site I used ended up finding out where I lived and I saw him looking at me several times out shopping but didn't say anything. I emailed him through work and he didn't respond well when I asked why he came to see me also he was annoyed I didn't date him when on that site a year ago but I didn't realise it was him till much later.

4 months ago I saw a young guy contact me online I recognise it's the guys son as they look very similar. The son denied they are related when I asked then I stopped speaking to the son and emailed the guy asking if he knew this young man but received no response. I said bye via email to the guy as he didn't respond. Now a month ago I see this mans son and friends are joining groups I like and taking interest in my online profile... why would this son do this?

The man's friends esp in his job have also started joining groups I'm in and they will know I would have seen them. So why all this when I've not heard anything from this guy or been asked out by him?


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  • as a guy and if this was happening to me it would make me nervous and worried. for some reason i feel they are keeping an eye one you for what reason i wouldn't want to speculate. or say on here

    • Feel free to let me know the possibilities for all this behaviour?

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    • if it was only one person i wouldn't have been as worryed but with with several that was another story.

    • Thanks for the concern and I'll definitely keep that in the back of my mind just in case. :)

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