Guys, do you think I should give online dating a try?

I'm 24 and graduated from a small agrarian college last year. Unfortunately, I didn't find love in college. I dated my co-worker for few months, but things didn't work out and I'm single now. I feel like online dating would be more convenient for me, I will just have to sift through a lot of dirt to find the real gold lol. I can easily filter out unwanted matches. But I am looking for something serious and long-term. I'm tired of all the mind games. Are majority of the guys there desperate or socially inept people? I was on plenty of fish, majority of the dudes don't even share basic information like what they do for living.


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  • Yes! A lot of people do these days. (I met my current boyfriend on tinder) and online dating saves a lot of time. Like a lot. As long as you're clear about what you want. Maybe direct maybe not to them. But make sure YOU know what you want.


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  • Some of my friends use it and it has been ok. Of course you will have to be careful but like in any place just use common sense :)

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