So.. is this a date or what?

This guy just asked me whether I'd like to come over tomorrow night because he and his flatmates are having dinner together. Is he just trying to play it safe or did he just friend-zone me?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Why don't you ask him...

    • Kind of awkward to ask, don't you think.

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    • Fair point, but I've already declined because I have other plans which I can't cancel. So what is your view?

    • The fact that it's with house friends i wouldn't class that as a date unless all the house mates were dating each other

What Girls Said 1

  • It may depend on the signals both of you have given beforehand. If you know him well, I'd go, he may be playing it safe. Also, you can watch his friends!! If he likes you they know and they'll rib on him or tease him if you look out for it! good luck!!

    • I don't know him well but for the last two days we've been talking till 2am on Facebook about sometimes deep stuff but sometimes also hilarious nonsense.. So I feel there's something more

    • Hmm. I mean it's not a date. But it's a way to test the waters. He might surprise you! I'd do it and maybe he'll want to pull you away for alone Time