Long distance. . . how to make a man feel needed?

So I'm in a somewhat relationship but it's long distance. I'm a very independent woman who never askes for help. I want his to feel needed by me but since it's long distance I don't know how to do this. What are somethings I can ask for help via phone, text or email that he can help me on? Anything will help I just want him to know I do need him as much as I want him


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  • Help with your car usually but long distance I don't there is much except for travel expenses to see him

    • Right and we have the money to see each other just the time is hard at moment due to our work load that's why I wanted to know what I can ask about over the phone. I don't ever have trucj troubles but maybe I can ask brand of tires and size lol

    • Yeah if he is a car guy like me you could ask things like that I guess

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