I catfished a guy now I actually am falling for him?

I catfished a guy and now I'm in love with him, at first I just used another woman's photo on my money making website and thought nothing of it , then this guy helped me and showed me the ways to earn money online through chat he has been nothing but nice to me.

at first I honestly didn't like him and only had the picture of someone else up just because but then I started to enjoy our conversations and I wanted to talk to him everyday.. now I'm just so mad at myself and I've been crying a little today because I don't want to hurt him but I need to quit my lies.. I didn't lie about my personality, name, or age or my personal life I just am not the woman he thinks I am in the photo.. and it's tearing me up because I deserve all the karma, and bad things he probably will think or say about me after I come clean.

I know I'm wrong I just don't like hurting people.. at first honestly, I didn't care that I was cat fishing him and I didn't even like him but now I care about him and need to be honest.

tl;dr: I know I'm wrong and mean and I welcome any bad words to any one that's reading has to say. I've learned that I deserve anything that's coming my way. I don't want to hurt anyone especially not him because he is so sweet and he doesn't deserve this. I wasn't bored when I started this I don't want to ruin his life he is the first person I've ever done this to. I've tried to tell him before but I can't do this anymore.. I'm a horrible person


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  • just out with it, the sooner the better.

    don't expect him to be happy, so prepare your speech and then give him space and hope for the best.

    • I don't I honestly think I'm more hurt than him because I actually have feelings for him. ...

    • you might feel that way, but if he developed feelings too, he's gonna feel like shit way worse than you, ANND, he wasn't even the one who did anything wrong, he went all out it seems. so yeah, he got fucked over in this situation. that sucks for him tbh.

    • :'( I'm so horrible!

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  • You don't deserve bad words in my opinion. Yes you made a mistake. And you realize it. That's really important. Your guilt is killing you, so I think it's time to tell the truth. Or if you don't feel comfortable with that, deactivate that account.

    • She don't deserve bad words after manipulating someone? Lol

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    • Yeah idk! I guess I just have a different opinion on this!

    • "when i was young"

      you're still young af :P

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  • Come clean and face the consequences.

    • Thankyou, I've decided to be honest

  • Was this on some cam site? Lol

    • Nope, it was on a site to earn money :)

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    • This really depends on if you attractive or not OP but he gonna feel manipulated anyway lol

    • Yeah i know, thanks for reading and answering by the way

  • You can only be attracted to two things, looks and personality. You shouldn't be lying about those.
    Tell him, there's a 90% chance he would not bother talking to you after that but oh well.. That's a lesson learnt.

  • Show him real face, just tell that only selective people gets to see your true face and you do it to keep stalkers away

  • If what you say is accurate, you didn't use a fake pic trying to get his attention, but for some other reason.

    How hot is the woman in the photo compared to you?

    • Well I have a younger looking face and she's older looking, I'm lighter she's dark brown she's more fit I'm more curvy

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  • Just be honest with him. Upload your real photo and see what he says. You can easily play it off with you didn't really trust your photo out on the internet in such a way if you really want to. But overall I'd just be honest with him.

    • Thanks hun I did (:

    • How did it go?

    • he hun! he wasn't even mad lol , i showed him my real photo and he still thinks im pretty , (: