Why don't relationships work from 20-30 anymore? And does it extend even further than that?

I live in a big city and I wonder why don't relationships work, am I wrong? Why do they crumble so fast, why are people dishonest? Is it social media? Is it all the options? Is it that people just want to have sex and don't consider it to be sacred anymore?


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  • I think all of those key points you listed are a big part of it. In today's world, dating isn't seen as a... privilege? Which is understandable because times are changing. Between all the dating sites and apps, social media and the constant urge to be unfaithful (because not many people know self control anymore) it makes it hard to date, especially in a big city.

    What I've learned is to never take someone too seriously. I date around and I have a good time and once I start seeing potential in someone, I cut ties with the other guys and solely focus on the one guy I think could actually be something. Whereas most people meet someone at a bar, go on a couple dates and are in a relationship a week later. Everyone is in such a hurry to find "the one" that they don't take the time to consider what is in their best interest hence the rushing into things and it falling apart in the end.


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  • Usually it's because early on (in like HS) these people find someone who they think they are in love with. That's the first person they have sex with. They fall into "puppy love". Some stay with that person and get married and maybe have a kid or two. Well when they get to about 30 they finally realize that they didn't get to do everything they wanted to do as an individual. So then they break up with that person then if not sooner than that.

    The media and society in general plays a role too. Now sexuality is very open. More open than past America (idk where you live).

    I might be a product of not seeing sex as sacred. In my case it's probably because of the pressure in grade school of my peers and myself of wanting to have a girlfriend but never having one. So now I don't care to have one. Not to mention seeing how the people who do have GFs and BFs around my age are dealing with their relationships.

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