Need help meeting new girls in school?

I've been at my high school for 3 years and I'm a junior, my first two years I was really quite and shy because that's just who I was back then, but I noticed girls would approach me a lot (I am above average looking) but I was awkward and couldnt do much past the first interaction, as sophomore year came around I was being approached alllllllot less because I had already gotten the rep of being weirdly quite due to my lack of confidence, I did eventually tell 3girls how I felt, but I waited wayyy to long and they said they liked me only as a friend its now my junior year and I've gained more confidence but I can't do anything with it because I already have the reputation of being the quite kid and I'm considering just talking random girls in the hallway


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  • honestly talking to random girls in the hallway isn't a bad idea. I personally like when guys are confident enough to come talk to me in the hall. If you have nothing to talk about maybe just go up to a girl ask to burrow pencil and while she's getting it for you spark up a conversation. "thanks wouldn't want to show up to a test without one" try to say something funny or even say "you're jessica, right?" if you know her name of course haha. before walking away smile and tell her you'll talk to her later. Not only that but maybe start talking in class a little more. Say some funny remarks to the teacher and laugh about it. When guys in my classes say funny stuff out loud in class I can't help to think how confident they are doing just that.


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  • So ruin your reputation, and gain the reputation of not being the quiet kid. TALK TO MORE PEOPLE. Don't limit yourself. Say whatever is on your mind to whoever you want (within reason). Force yourself to sit next to or talk to cute girls.

    And yeah if you can talk to random girls in the hall do that too.

    • So, I live in a dorm, and I often see the other guys who live in my hall. So I say hi to most of them whenever I see them. You can do that to random girls in your school too.

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