Dilemma, pregnant with ex boyfriend's baby? What to do?

We split about 4 months back and I gave recently found out I'm three months pregnant.

We're not on dreadful terms, I think we're both just hurt at the minute. Although we do chat and have hugged once since our break up.

Recently, I had ran into him and had told him I'd actually put on a few pounds lately. Without thinking he jokingly went: 'are you pregnant?' To which I blushed and went bright red... I just didn't say anything in return.

Although recently, I've been sporting a tiny little bump. I got him glancing at my belly the other day... so I'm not sure if he's noticed I've got a little bit bigger down there.

Should I tell him now? Or wait it out?

Kinda scared of his reaction.

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  • Give it up for adoption. It is the best thing you can do for you, for him, and the baby.

    • Or... we could get together and work it out?

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    • Why? Things can work out for the long run if we screw our heads on the right way.

    • I play the odds. You broke up already over who knows what. Raising a child and having a home together increases stress and conflict, it does not decrease it. If you can't get through whatever petty issue you had before, you sure are not going to get through all of that which will come.

      That is why getting a good education, getting a good job, finding someone compatible, getting married, becoming financially stable, then have a baby is the order of life that works out the best in the long run.

      Sure, move in together. Get married. Buy a house. Do whatever you want. In a few years you will be divorced and discover the two of you do not have enough money to maintain two households while one of you is raising a child and the other one is putting his attention on his other new family.

      You can't just say, "We have a baby, now we are going to be responsible adults in a loving, committed relationship." It just doesn't work that way in real life.

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