I just want to give up. Help me, please?

I'm 21, never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl in my life. I watched as all my friends got into and out of relationships, while I remained alone. Lately, all my dreams are about being with a girl, cuddling and kissing her. My mood dies when this happens. I can only forget about this when I'm drunk as hell, but screwing up brain cells isn't in my plans...

Just this past summer, I had a chance. A girl liked me and we started talking a lot, and I developed feelings for her, but things died out because of college: we were too busy with it and didn't talk. We started to talk again, trying to recover the thing we had, but she moved on and got a new boyfriend. Even though she was from another city far away from mine, I would do anything to be with her...

This past month, I started talking to a girl in my college course. We had a friend in common, and things were going pretty well between us, but she started dating my friend last week. Hell, it's starting to sound like a curse, if you ask me...

I'm dying inside with each passing day. My life is empty, and no matter how much friends and good momentos I have, there's always something missing, and the only thing I can do is dream about it and cry myself to sleep almost every night because of it. I don't want to die without having loved deeply, but it seems like everything is rigged against me...

I don't know what to do...


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  • Just relax. You're only 21. You have your whole life ahead of you and you will find someone. Most people nowadays don't even look for something serious anymore; at least not until later in life. Just enjoy being 21 and having fun - don't worry about the relationship. Just because all your friends are in relationships doesn't mean something is wrong with you. Chances are, 3/4 of those friends won't stay with their S/O forever. Have fun, date around and just enjoy life and being 21. Don't stress over things like this. You'll find someone great and when you do - she'll be worth the wait.

  • You have to be positive and fake it til you make it. Have confidence believe that you are an amazing guy and you can get any girl you want to. Have you tried online dating? Try it you never know don't give up on hope. And people can tell when you have low self esteem or hate yourself. You give off something that attracts the wrong people. So keep yourself busy and try online dating


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  • Pay attention to what your friends do or say when around girls... And more importantly; What they DONT DO. Give your friend a compliment: "Look, I've noticed that you are good with women". "Im not as good as you interacting with women, do you have any advice on what I am doing wrong?"

    Now this may make you feel bad in the short term... But if your friend isn't a dickhead, he will be happy to "teach" you. He will also see you as a real cool person that have the balls to ask such a question.
    Being good with women Is a SKILL that you learn... Not something you are born with... Girls are attracted mostly to PERSONALITY and you can always develop your personality