Why is she with him?

My ex told me she'd rather talk and socialize with me than her current boyfriend. Like she'll call me, snap me, and text me all the time. She's told me some wild shit about the guy like he enjoys getting into knife fights and shit. Plus he said he wouldn't let her break up with him. Then i asked her what she feels about the relationship and she's like 50% of the time I'm happy and the other half I'm just done with it. I've asked her why she would want to stay with the guy and her answer was I don't want to be alone plus I really can't find anyone better than you (not lying here). I just don't get why she'd stay with the loser.


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  • Maybe she's "comfortable" with him. Meaning they have been together for some time - that's what she's used to in a relationship.
    It probably won't last and she'll learn she'll have to get out of the situation.. it's just a matter of time.
    ... Or she really likes drama.


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