Why do people ask me if I have a girlfriend?

Like numerous people do it like I went to my doctor and he does I bet you have a really cute girlfriend, and today my personal trainer goes like dude you gotta girlfriend

Thanks for opinions


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  • Its a small talk gambit.
    They're trying to make a personal connection with you.

    When they ask, say no, or yes, or whatever, just remember to ask them the same question they ask you. Then, whats her name, is she a doctor/personal trainer too, what's your favorite thing about her, blah blah blah small talk.

    • Oh never thought of that cause when the trainer asked I said no and wasn't sure what to say after that he kept saying throughout the session though getting ripped for the girls

    • Most blokes go to the gym to look good. That, apparently, translates into attention from the fairer gender. Part of a trainers job is to encourage you, girls are incentive to some guys. Tell your trainer that you're there to better yourself at some sport you do. You'll be able to double your chances of not hearing about a girlfriend.

    • Well it kinda is true I have summer goals

  • Maybe they are interested, maybe they think you are an attractive male and should have a girlfriend.
    Still kind weird to say...

    • Well I legit don't think I'll ever have one cause I can work out till I'm blue in the face I'm not attractive

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    • So I actually stand a chance

    • Yeah. Average or better. Thats not, also, including things like your build, living conditions (which can vary on importance), dress, and personality.

      But i would strongly recommend a new hair cut.