Someone help me savage this text conversation?

I know she is really into me and vice versa. We talked today for the first in a long time. I think she wanted me to ask her out but I never did cause I never found a good moment. Then I kind of fucked up the text conversation by being boring. Now she won't text back. What should I do. Should I wait, just ask her out now through text, or talk to her tomorrow? I think I messed up.

K I will wait.


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  • You should try calling her! I know that calling is kind of not something teenagers do, but I think it would be really cool! Asking someone out through text is kind of pathetic, and you shouldn't wait until tomorrow. Calling her is the perfect way to fix everything.

    • I don't have her number though.

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    • Ok how would you feel if after the text then I asked you out in person tomorrow after school at best.

    • I would feel happy. Just ask her in person tomorrow!

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