How to get over jealousy?

Recently my boyfriend told me if he could sleep with any celebrity, it would be with this particular model. This happened the day after we first had sex. I was a bit shocked at how bluntly he told me haha. I wouldn't dream of sleeping with anyone but him, but guys aren't girls. But to be honest, I'm not that bothered because I was the one who asked him, and she's a freaking model!

However, I am the tinsiest bit hurt. I know I'm being really stupid, so how can I let go of this hurt? It all boils down to jealousy and fear of losing him. I know he's faithful, and he's the sweetest human being ever. I don't blame him in the slightest. So how can I stop feeling this way?


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  • you just do


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  • Having sex with a guy for the first time always creates a new level of emotions for us girls. Suddenly things that didn't matter so much before suddenly do, and little things scare you because you don't want to lose him, because you just shared such an emotional experience. It's all about perception though, girl. If he's going to leave you it will happen whether you had sex or not. You just have to stop being afraid to lose, because you can't lose what isn't yours. In other words, if it's meant to be, it will. So stop stressing the small things - you don't want to ruin things with him over a fantasy of a celebrity he will never bang lol.