Why Am I Afraid to Date?

I am 25, going on 26 years old. I have NEVER been in a relationship. I have been asked out many times, and have been liked by guys quite a bit (not being cocky), but I find that I always create reasons not to date them. Either I focus too much on what people might think. Fear of acting intimate or affectionate with a guy. Even, introducing to people or family. It is silly I know, and I have no reason why I am this way. I tend to be attracted to confident guys, but too much confidence turns me off.
There is currently a guy who is probably the best guy I will ever find for myself. Everyone loves him, he is sweet, unbelievably kind, spiritual (which is my #1 necessity in a mate) we have very similar taste in movies, music. We are in the same friend circle. He can be funny, but he is deffintely shy and reserved for most part. No confidence at all... and I am not physically attracted to him.. but I really really want to be because he is perfect... his personality makes him cute, but I still dont have any phsyical attraction... is that wrong? Im not shallow... I am a very kind and loving person... so why can't I like him like that, when he is perfect?


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  • Physical and sexual chemistry is important; it really is, so make sure that checkbox is checked before you get married. Why are you not physically attracted to him?

    • I don't find him the BEST looking guy, but I don't think he is ugly at all. I want to be attracted to him... its just not there... people have told me to give him a chance and have some one on one with him and maybe it'll come?

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    • Hmmmm... *sigh* I'm not sure what else to tell you. Of course, while he might not turn you on physically now, but he might be packing a weapon of mass destruction between his legs that would amaze you. Maybe you should find that out.

    • Not an option at this time lol but thanks

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