Guys, how can you tell if the date went well?

So i went on a date last night and the guy i went out with was about 6 years older than me and very handsome and we seemed to have an easy and comfortable conversation. He paid for dinner and told me to text him when i got home safe and than we said our goodnights, and than i said well maybe we can do it again and he said sure hit me up whenever:). We didn't talk today it was both of ours first day back at work. I just dont my anxiousness to get in the way... did this date go well?


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  • Sounds like it! If he wasn't that interested in you, he wouldn't have had you text him when you got home, it would have been "Okay, well... See ya!" and that's it.
    Maybe text him and let him know again that you enjoyed your date with him and would like to continue your conversation, and suggest a date for a few days from now, maybe this weekend?
    It sounds like the date went well, I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you :-)

    • he's your age so that sounds hopeful! he's going to NYC this weekend because his cousins sre flying in. I texted him today because my phone crapped the bed and i had to get a new one. I just wished him a good day back at work and hoped he had a good evening. I just dont want to be too anxious or come off to strong. I really liked him and he was considerate and remembered my food allergies and made sure the food prep person knew. You know when a date just is so comfortable and you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the next moment.

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    • Thanks so much for the advice!

    • Good luck!

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  • Impossible to say for sure from what you've written, but it seems that it went well. I'd be more certain if he had asked you to call rather than text, or if instead of saying "hit me up anytime"--which puts the ball in your court--he had said something more specific about a next time. But most guys would respond the way he did and say the things he did, especially guys in their teens and twenties.

    Good luck with things.

  • You in the clear from what you said. You did something right, or nothing wrong, if he wants another date