How do I tell my friend I like him?

Me and my guy friend starting to really talk last semester. I really like him. We joke around with each other and stuff. Any chance he gets he teases me, he makes fun of the guys i like. He said he has to come up with other ways to annoy me. We were joking around about sexual things and he said to practice and i said ok me you now and he said no not with me. When he sees me around no matter who i am with he will come up to me to say hi. My friends think we flirt with each other and stuff. I'm like the only girl he talks to. He says he has to go but he will stick around a few minutes longer. How do i tell him i like him?


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  • Think about how you would feel if a random guy you know, whom you've never given any thought, told you that he liked you. Then think of how you would like that conversation to go. Aim for that.

    Odds are he has no idea you like him so that's how that's going to feel. It's how I felt when my ex told me. Be calm, patient, and not expectant of an immediate response. I had to get back to her later that evening for a formal response as I had no idea how to feel/how I felt. Plan for that and be nice about it.


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