How to handle a guy who doesn't want to talk?

So, I've been talking with a guy I really like for ~7 months. Our relationship has been in flux--he seems very interested at some points but then backs off. After a while of this, I told him how I felt, since he wanted reassurance of my feelings for him. But since then, he's stepped further back, dodged my invites to hang out (even after he asked me to "show a notion that I liked him"), & has been kinda mean. I want to let him know that this bugs me, but he's been sending me vibes that he doesn't want to be nagged/smothered.

Honestly, I would say I'm the opposite of needy--I just want to communicate. But how do I get him to do that when he writes me off as needy? A lot of what he says and does bugs me, & I've reached the point where I want to give up--but I want to at least try talking through things before being rash. Especially since he seems keen on contacting me all the time.


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  • It sounds like he's manipulative and bad news.

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