Did I scare him off for good?

I just started dating an introverted guy who is a little nerdy. He was married for 12 years but has no other experience with women.
He told me he moves slow but by our 2nd date he invited me back to his house and we spent the night together. Two weeks later he asked me to be his girlfriend. The chemistry between us is so amazing that I happily said yes.
I asked him, if in two weeks he would like to come over to my house and meet my family. He said he wasn't ready for that. I said I respect him and his feelings and that it was ok.
I had been planning a trip to the coast with my kids 6 months away and asked if he would like to come with, no pressure, just think about it. He freaked out a little and said this was all too much for him and we needed to slow way down. I told him i was sorry and that it's good for me to have someone who will slow me down. I told him we could go at his pace and that he can call the shots, I'll follow along. He only responded with "yeah" I asked if he could call me when he had the time. He said he didn't feel like talking tonight. I asked please just tell me whether I screwed up or are you still wanting to be with me? He said I needed to calm down and that I was scaring him. I'm worried I scared him away completely. Will he get over this if I leave him alone? We are really perfect together and I don't want to lose him. How do I fix this?


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  • I think you shouldn't. You have kids. You can't put your life on hold for some guy. Just leave him alone.

    If you really do want to fix it. Same thing goes he's an introvert he needs to process things alone and when he's ready he'll talk pushing him will only drive him further