How can I get over him?

I still have feelings for him and i think he still does for me but we both know that it wouldn't realistically work. We are going in very different directions in life and have different perceptions of what we want in a relationship and i know that i would end up hurt because he can't or doesn't want to give me what i need. I've come to terms with this but i still think about him all the time and think what if and ignore all the male attention i get. Does anyone have tips to open up to other people or get over someone?


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  • Listen to Keaton Henson and find someone new. Your welcome, remember "You won't find love, Love will find you".


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  • You care your going to think about him but focus more on you. Stop ignoring male attention. I think about my ex almost everyday but it's slowly becoming less frequent and it may just be because I stopped ignoring guys and started getting attention

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