I have a crush on my boss... But he has a girlfriend?

He's super flirty and told me I was a beautiful person and I really like him but don't know what to do..

I don't know anything about their relationship, I just know that I can't stop these feelings.. Especially when we get along so well and he's so touchy feely and sweet with me.

he's only a few years older and we have so much in common, and I can't stop thinking about him..


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  • Keep flirting and wait for him to make a move
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  • Just stay away girl, you'll end up hurting more than him. Clearly, he's looking for that sense of pride flirting with girls behind her back


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  • Yea dont say nothing or do anything about it unlesz he is single. If feelings r that strong then find another job lol u can tell him how u feel then. But yea if he flirts a lot how would u know he won't be interested in someone else while with u?


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  • Totally an inappropriate relationship, for two reasons... First, he's got a girlfriend. Just think, if he treats her like that behind her back, how would he treat you if you were his girlfriend?
    Secondly, he's your boss, so that's an inappropriate relationship even if he was single. If he was single and there wasn't that whole "cheating" factor, the right way to handle it would be for you to quit the job so he was no longer your boss, and then pursue a relationship.

    • He's just a manager.. So I don't think it'd be that inappropriate if he was single.

      The things is he's never told me he has a girlfriend, I only know through FB.

      I'm just all over the place and confused

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    • We work in a craft brew place. It's not a office type situation or anything.

      I guess I'm just caught up. I don't know if the touchy feeliness is innocent or not. And I'm not sure what to do.

    • Well, that might be one environment where the rules are a little more relaxed about that kind of stuff, but it's still mildly inappropriate still. At the very least, it should be kept discrete and separate from work. And the touchy feely stuff? Again, just put yourself in his girlfriends position and decide how it would make you feel.

      Whatever you decide I hope it works out well for you, you are really the only one who can say whether it's right or wrong, because that's going to be different for each individual person. So go with what you truly feel, but don't make the decision purely based on the emotions you're caught up in.

  • Mixing pleasure and business is a terrible idea, don't fuck up.


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