Why r guys that can dance considered very attractive and why do they attract the hottest girls/women as well as ending up dating with famous women?

I am generalizing and can you tell me what the life is like when a man is a choreographer or dancer as well as his issues regarding attracting to many women?

I am also wondering if it's true that there r a very few men that dance and actually look for a career in that field and if a guy is really good at it and can pick up the moves quickly what will his chances be to actually advance in that field and actually become famous as themselves?


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  • Dancing tells you a lot about the person. Dancing can be used as an indicator of personality. Especially in freestyle DJ event, how they dance reflects their personality. Ballroom dancing is a ball. It is a lot of fun and you get into the music. Personality doesn't come across as much as the music style takes dominance but there is something about it that is just so riveting, so fun. Having the perfect partner is very attractive. I found that I like women that can dace over those that don't so it goes both ways.

    Personally I love to ballroom and I would join my college's ballroom team if I had the time but I would never do it as a career. It just doesn't sound fun to me similar to how I feel about being a math teacher. If it was a guys goal to dance professionally in my experience there is always room for more men at the dance.