Crushing on one of my best friends... What do I do?

We have been best friends for about a year now. However, I crushed on her as soon as I met her. It wasn't anything serious as suppose to now. Back then, I had friends who would try to help me find out if she liked me back, but I was told she wasn't interested in anything other than friends; So, I moved on. A year past, one of my good friends is dating her and I am dating someone else. He ends up crushing her pretty bad emotionally, and my girlfriend broke up with me shortly after they broke up. We go to a party together within a week after my breakup, and after some drinking I admit to her how long I had a crush on her and she admitted she has liked me for as long as I liked her, but never told anyone. That night, we made out and cuddled until we fell asleep. 2 weeks later, new years comes and we make out some more. About a month later, I took her on a "date" and it resulted in more kissing. I planned on asking her out officially within a week after this date but she told me that she is unsure if she wants to push this further due to possibly killing our friendship. I told her we should give each other time after that night to figure out if we want each other as more than friends. Next time we bring this up, she tells me she wants to stay friends but she also wants to date me, which resulted in her telling me she is still unsure about what to do so we should just stay friends. My problem is I am way in too deep now. I like her a lot but at the same time, I feel like I'm killing our friendship by crushing this hard. I don't know what to do. Till this day, I continue to get mixed signals.. and this girl is pretty geuine/sweet so I know it's not on purpose to be a bitch. The only logical option I see is to move on but it's hard when I'm this close to her as a friend and I don't want to ruin it because of my feelings. Part of me feels like there is something telling me there is a chance. I'm aware this seems pathetic but I guess I need some random advice.

We talked it over last night. She said she wanted to stay friends. Thank you all for your advice.


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  • Relationships can kill friendships, but some of the best relationships start with friendships. It sounds like you're willing to risk it, but she's unsure. You can try and convince her that it's worth it for you guys to pursue a relationship with each other. If she still wants to remain friends then do what you need to do to get over her, and try to preserve the friendship if you can.
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  • Grab her, and just tell her this, tell her that you want to try things out, you want to be in a relationship, but keep it low-key. A secret, for a bit.

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