Is it true that guys usually regret losing a good girl later in life?

Like let's say that for some reason a girl with everything going for her fell for this guy who treated her poorly and she gave him everything he could've wanted. One day she ends the relationship friendship whatever it is fast forward a couple of years she's looking better than before and is doing really well college, job, family, friends, everything...

Is is it true that most guys would regret not committing or taking that girl seriously?
The whole "appreciate a good thing while it lasts" thing

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  • Yep and women will regret the good men they left later in their life as well.
    I'm sure he will be angry with himself later in life. I can't tell you how many old veterans I've heard at the VA talk about passing up "good women" or treating them bad to either sleep around more - or because they felt like they didn't deserve them - or to chase that bad girl that ended up fucking their life up even more than they could by themselves.


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  • Not sure if its true at your age... it wasn't for me

    But later on yes, I've let some really great girls go... ones with lots of potential, real women.

    • All of the guys my age are too emotionally immature to regret losing a girl I feel like. Once they get into their thirties they are more mature

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    • I can see that here's always another great guy or girl filled with potential in your twenties right around the corner... Especially in college everyone's got everything going for them

    • The thing is for guys we have a longer span of years to explore... if you are 24 lets say, id presume youd want to marry by 28, have kids at 30 max

      For guys it can stretch out much further.

      Also try reading steve harvey's book 'think like a man'
      He explains how guys are not ready to fully commit until they have established themselves or at least close enough

  • There's more than one good girl on earth, I can find more


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