Girls, Would you think its weird if a guy said you're the only one I've been with?

Ladies would you find it weird if you went out with a guy and you said to him "How many women were you with before me" and he said "You are the only one I have been with and no one else" I have never had a girlfriend before I'm wondering what she would think about this. Any thoughts


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  • In her mind:

    What she'll say:
    Oh that's cool :)

    I wouldn't think anything from it, but i would be impressed and like/love him more.

    • Thank you for the input mooky06 for some reason if I told my first girlfriend she is the only one I have been with so fair. I thought she would think I am weird.

    • No problem! :) I think girls value that. I know I do (maybe because I'm somewhat conservative) but it's a plus in my books and it scores highly with me