Asked a girl out that I think is shy, is there still hope for a date and/or talking without getting deeper in the Friendzone?

This is the story so far, So me and this girl were in the same chem class and I hardly noticed her until the last day or two. I had known her a little before that from another class, but just a little. Then i hand her one of her papers, cuz i knew her name. Then after that she waved to me in the hallway, and continued to do so for 2 weeks. Then i went over to talk to her I talked to her (with her friend next to her) as she was swiching classes for 5min until i had to go. She seemed nervous and gave short responses to everything i asked or said (leading me to believe she was shy). 2 weeks go by with her still waving and smiling which goes into the week before Valentines day. Our high school was selling flowers, so i bought one and put my number on it in hopes of eventually asking her out over the week break. She responded saying she "just" (cringe) wanted to thank me and that it was really sweet. I thought that the "just" was a little worrying but not too bad so a couple days later I text her asking if she wants to go out on a date to a little amusement park near us on Friday. She responded saying that she "had a lot going on" and "I'm sorry but personally i dont think that i can handle a boyfriend right now, but i'm glad we're friends" (major cringe). Is it too late to walk things back? If she's shy did she get flustered and just not know what to do? Or am I friendzoned and should just forget any relationship i thought we could have? And why does "lets go to an amusement park" = aaahhh boyfriend? Should i have gone slower? If so how slow?


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  • No, not your fault. Ask to go as friends, that she got the wrong impression, but make sure to slip in the fact that your are attracted to her, you know? Just try to hint it.