Can I get a girl despite not being able to drive and having little experience dating?

I know a girl whom I like, I think she likes me too, and want to ask out. I focused on academics and hanging out with friends in my free time while she has a job, got her license and dated a lot. I want to ask her out but am worried about my inability to take her places. I have some money and can make quite a bit of I really need to but I don't have a real job, so it's hard if I wanted to drop $300 on a ring or necklace for her. Should I wait for half a year and steady myself over the summer or jump at the opportunity?


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  • Wait for half a year and get something's back on track. Whether that would be getting your license and working (or finding a better at the same time). If you aren't already friends with her, start to be friends with her (so it wouldn't be so weird). So build something with her along the way.

    • Thanks! And yeah, she's easily one of my best friends at school. She has gotten a lot of shot from people lately and has mainly been talking only to me. That itself says something.

    • It does! Lucky! Good luck man :)

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