He's mad but were not exclusive?

I hung out with my ex boyfriend last month. I told the guy I’m talking two were friends than he finds out he’s my ex boyfriend and is mad at me. I didn’t tell him who he was because to me it was not a big deal. I understand where he’s coming from but there’s nothing going on with my ex and I. I have no desire to be back with him. We have been broken up for over a year.

I told him I understand why your mad but were not exclusive. If I was in your shoes I would be mad to but at the end of the day you can't say much because were not exclusive. That’s your choice we been talking for 3 months now and you still have not taken things to the next level. Plus your making assumptions and assuming something happened when in reality nothing did.

He said “If you just told me you were having out with your ex, I may not have been cool about it but I would have handled it better then you not telling me who he is”

I said I understand but why would I have to ASK you could I hang out with him if were not exclusive.

He said having exs as friends is not ok and you know I don’t agree with that.


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  • Lol the only one he has to be angry at is himself.


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  • these are the problems you get in life when you start relationships without successfully finishing elementary school.


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  • This was so hard to read through with all the typos and missing words...

    Ok, ok. You're with a guy -- but not exclusive -- and hanging out with your ex. You know that MOST guys are not into seeing a girl with her ex, exclusive or not. It's not a matter of asking permission but of respecting the guy you're with enough to let him know "Hey, I have to meet up with John. He's going through something. We'll be at the Bareburger for an hour. Did you want to meet up after?"

    Don't make a big deal out of it but don't hide it either. Guys appreciate honesty, especially if they've dated and been hurt before.