What do you think of my boyfriend?

I know it doesn't matter what you think really but still i'd like to know.

So he can get angry easily and as most people says anything
He has green eyes and long brown hair not past his shoulders though and it's quite wavey/curly
He's helpd me start eating properly again
He's stopped me self-harming
He self-harmed once
He loves animals
He loves computers and gaming
He makes me feel special
He's tall
He doesn't have abs, a noticable jawline or v-line
He makes me feel better than anyone ever has
He's adoreable
He is the best person I've ever met
He makes me laugh
Helps me get over my fears
He's there when I need him most.
What do you think of him?


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  • even based on the description, I'd still have to meet him to judge.

    but its cool that he's been beneficial to your life.


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