Which girl looks the most/least approachable and friendly?

Which girl looks the most/least approachable and friendly?One of the girls in this friend group literally always gets hit on by guys and one of them is pretty much the one that's always left in the dust. I'm none of these girls (I was the one taking the photo in this instance) but I was wondering if there's a certain psychology that's going on here that I'm not picking up. Guys talk to me a fairly average amount, but I'm on neither of the extremes.

Who do you think is the most approachable/least approachable and why?


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What Guys Said 2

  • The one on the far left is the most approachable and probably the one who gets hit on the most. The one on the far right is the least approachable in my opinion. She's too intimidating

  • either the first or second from left. can't choose. maybe the second. maybe the first is bitchy too.

    • Are you saying that they're the most approachable or least? Sorry I'm confused lol

    • most approachable/friendly to least. counting from left.

    • I second this guy. The third and fourth girls are the least approachable for different reasons. The third girl is not attractive at all and the fourth is really pretty but intimidating because she might be a bitch. The third one is probably hit on more because we still want to get our dicks wet

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  • Its all about confidence sweetie and some guys (i dont know how) senses that and plus some guys do have a type.

    Im guessing the girl at the end (right) gets chatted up by guys the most but thats because i think she puts on her make up well, has done her hair great and is well dressed, but im not saying that you all dont look stunning and you all do in your own way.

    I hope I didn't step out of line in what I have said but apart from that opinion I think you are all pretty because a girls best accessory is her smile. :)