Why do some women have to prove they are not gold diggers?

i have a friend of over 3+ years, i never indicated to her that i had money or anything. she is beyond perfect and such a respectable person. we like each other. so i got her a nice bag for her bday. she enjoyed the bag very much but didn't know why i spent that much.

i know she is not a gold digger, but why do women want to prove to a guy they are not it in for the money. i truly like to shower her with gifts. i never did this in the past, but it hit me lately that i should have been going after her than these other wome in my past.


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  • 1) Its kind of like how some "nice guys" want to prove they are not players
    2) Some girls want to be seen as independent and that includes getting their own gear
    3) some dont want to feel they owe you anything

    • she knows everything about me... not trying to be a nice guy. but i think #2 and #3 apply