What the hell is wrong with her?

I am so Annoyed there's this supposed bestfriend of mine who knows I've been having a crush on this guy since forever and I'm finally in his class and we're having progress and she goes ahead and sends him a request on insta and likes all his pics and I told her to do send request while me myself I just liked two of his pics like is she trying to hoe around or what. what should I do?

I told her NOT TO send request coz I know her behaviour


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  • Hey sweetie,

    Have a talk with your friend and tell her how you feel about this, if she is your best friend she will understand but is losing a friend over a boy worth it? I understand what you mean I can't stand it when some of my friends flirt with my boyfriend but i told them how i felt about it and they understood i know it doesn't help because he is your crush but me and my friends realationship is stronger now. But with this problem sounds like your best friend likes him too so the only advice i can give you is talk to her. Hope this helps

    • So i tell her back off witch ? 😂