Do you think it's okay to just leave if someone treats you wrong?

Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with guilt because there was this guy I dated for a long time, but I found out that he had kept his options open and slept with others while we dated. There were just some flaky stuff but I have to admit that he did a lot for me and he was more invested than I was. I'm not gonna go into details but in the end I had enough and left with a simple this isn't working. I probably should've explained further but I was so hurt and by then he had already started seeing another girl. He didn't think I wanted to commit to him. Whatever, he was really hurt but has a girlfriend now. I have unfollowed him from social media while he has tried to be on good terms but I just can't. He still greets me but I'm not sure how to greet him. My feelings are in the way and I feel like a cold hearted bitcg buy you know.. Any help?

Note that he hasn't told me about the other girls, I found out that myself and he has no clue.


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  • He cheated on you, you don't owe him anything. There's no way you ywo can be in goid terms after you found out he was lying and whatever, but seriously you shouldn't feel guilty. But I can understand why you do feel a a bit of guilt, but yhe dude cheated on you. I can't stand people like that I automatically would have left the relationship. A big cliche is coming so get ready.

    You need trust to have a good relationship. After what just happened to you, you know you can't trust him or bare to be near him. So don't feel sorry about it, please. Hope this helps.


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  • Don't feel bad you've done the right thing. Try to move on and don't regret a tough but right detection. Well done you.


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