Do I ask about a relationship? Or just let it go?

To start off- I'm socially awkward and have a difficult time connecting with and being around people. I can hide it enough to not be too weird or or crazy seeming but on the inside I have no idea how to read or deal with people. I've never been in a relationship because I'm just terrified of people and relationships. (Even friendships are difficult for me) but I met a guy from tinder and we've hooked up a few times. I never expected this but I think I caught feelings for him. I don't really know because I've never experienced this before.. But it's super uncomfortable for me. And I have no idea what he wants. He seems to like me and we get along, but we only meet up to chill in bed and have sex. Never actually gone out and done anything together. I just enjoy spending time with him and having him touch me/cuddle me. I've never felt anything for anyone so it's really difficult for me to know where to go next. Should I try and talk to him about it? (How do I do that?) or should I just stop talking to him and move on before I get attached or something like that?(I'm not sure if I'd get attached but I don't want to risk that..)


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  • At some point you need to accept and even welcome the idea of having relationships with people. I'm not saying this guy is the one but you should consider it.


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