Bar on a first date?

Do anyone else finds going to a bar on a first date annoying? I honestly don't like it, I just can't. I tried it and it makes me feel nervous and anxious. Especially since everyone sits so close, and I start to think the people around me are listening to my conversation with the person I'm with. I'm guilty of doing it too, that's why I hate it. Knowing that on the first date you ask each other personal questions and all. I hate when the waitress tried to sit men and my date right next to another couple too. Like, why if there's tons of table empty, why are you sitting me right next to another couple? Seriously, wtf? Lol
where do you go in first date?


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  • I hate bars on a first date because it comes across as: oh, if I get you drunk maybe you'll like me more or getting in your pants will be easier!

    If a guy suggests a bar I always say no.

    • I hate bars, because everyone is so close to one another that you can literally hear everything the other party is talking about. It's nerve wrecking for me because now I feel more pressure to make a good impression, and people are so nosy now a days. LOL

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