What does he have in his mind?

he suddenly texted me and we had conversations for couple times. And he asked me to go to date and we went for 3 times.
At the 3rd date, he started to hold my hand.
When we saw each other last time at the college, he hugged me.
Isn't it too fast to have actions?


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  • You heard of one night stands right?

  • just be clear, some guys think 3 dates means sex. That isn't a go to rule, it should be what you feel comfortable with


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  • This seems like a great speed! Too fast would be having sex on the first date. You guys havnt even kissed and you have had three... This is good, it means that he is getting to know you, rather than just wanting to get physical with you. But if it is moving too fast for your personal preference, you need to let him know as well... you never know, you might both be on the same path and feel its going too fast...